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(My first) Group buying site experience

I purchased a voucher for two food containers worth P360.00 from a (popular) group buying site last Feb 10. Besides being offered at half of the original price, which is hard to resist, the pick-up location is  accessible. Hubby can easily pick-up the items on his way to the office.

But here’s an interesting part of the story. Several weeks after I received the voucher, I decided to call the company to reserve the items. Unfortunately, the contact numbers provided at the bottom of the voucher are always busy or are not responding. I send an email to the contact person but did not get any response either. I’m not sure if I can go directly to their office because  voucher holders are supposed to make a reservation 3 days before the pick up date. I only have a few more days left to reserve the items. And I worry that I may not be able to see the food containers ever.

I tried to call the group buying site for the nth time. Fortunately, I was able to talk to someone over the phone. The woman on the other end promised to contact the person handling the product’s account to process my request. The representative is expected to call me on Monday (May 7). I’m still hoping to get the food keeper before the voucher expires on May 13.  If all else fails, I guess I’ll add this incident to (a bad) experience.

I’m just wondering why it was difficult to make a reservation of the product that was already paid for. Would it make any difference if the client has ordered a bigger item like powermatic machinery from a group buying site? I hope there will be some measures to protect the interest of the growing number of online buyers.