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Time for Health

If you have been working in front of your computer for long hours then this exercise video is for you. The simple exercise routine is actually intended for office workers, but mommies like you and me can also do this at home while we are at rest from our daily chores. For bloggers, you can allot a minute or two to do this exercise so you’ll improve your energy level before you get really busy with your online activity. Health experts say it’s best to start your day with an exercise.

I got this video from one of the health conferences I attended years ago. I have not watched the entirety of this video, but now that I post it here it will be convenient for me to play this video with ashly audio anytime I want while in front of my computer. You can exercise whichever way you want. You can do it sitting down or standing like the man and lady demonstrators in the video.

This video entitled “Time for Health” A Healthy WPRO Activity is developed by the College of Human Kinetics (CHK), University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD), Quezon City Philippines for the 51st Session of the World Health Organization, Regional Committee for the Western Pacific, Sept. 2000.

Job Opportunities for the Stay-at-Home Mom

If you’re a stay-at-home mom who would like to add to the family’s income, there are plenty of online jobs that could put anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in your pocket each month. With the economy in its current state, a second income could add to your family’s feeling of security. You could make money in your spare time while you continue to stay at home with your children by using the internet.

Many companies from retail stores to automotive insurance providers are hiring customer service representatives to work from home. These telecommuting positions would involve the stay-at-home mom receiving phone calls that are routed to their home and helping the customer on the end of the line. Sometimes, they’ll have a question about a product or service. At other times, they may need assistance navigating the company’s website.

Virtual assistants are in high demand. Many people can’t afford a full-time secretary, but could use someone to handle appointment setting and paperwork. A virtual assistant usually provides these types of services for several people on a part-time basis. Most communication is done through email with the rare phone call. Virtual assistants rarely meet their clients in person.

Freelance transcription services are also growing in popularity. Information is recorded and transferred to the transcriptionist’s computer through the internet. The transcriptionist listens to the recording and creates a written copy.

The beauty of these jobs is that most of them will allow you to set your own hours and work from the comfort of your home. While the kids are napping or off at school, you could be making a little pocket money for your family’s next vacation or to pay off that extra bill. Although the examples listed here are popular ways to make extra money at home, the possibilities are virtually endless.