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Sore eyes

My son woke up this morning with reddish and gummy secretion in both eyes. He has sore eyes. This is expected because its one of the diseases listed by the Department of Health to increase this summer. Good thing we have an anti-bacterial eye drop that was recommended by the company doctor to heal various eye diseases including sore eyes and eye irritation caused by using cheap contact lens.

Speaking of contact lens, hubby was tempted to use a pair of disposable contact lens when he was still single. He had friends and officemates who wear contacts so he was able to compare contact lens’ advantages and disadvantages. However, he changed his mind when he realizes the inconvenience using contact lens could give him by taking it off every night and cleaning it before use. That’s the reason why he prefers using eyeglasses more than ever.

For those with eye condition like sore eyes and irritation from contact lens use, you should see your doctor for immediate treatment. What I share here including the use of eye drop is not meant to encourage you to self-medicate. I’m just sharing my personal experience with the eye medicine recommended by a doctor to treat my son’s sore eyes.

Hubby got a new pair of eyeglasses

Replacing his more than 5-year-old spectacle. He must be convinced by Eric’s Review of Zenni Optical that he wants to avail the Lowest Price Progressive Glasses. Unfortunately he can’t wait for a couple of days to place his order to The #1 online RX glasses store so he visited an equally popular optical shop to have his refraction test and wait for his new eyeglasses on the same day. But since hubby is convinced at the low price rate of zenni glasses, he might avail his second pair from them for only $8.