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Facial Exercises

This one’s for me and my mommy blogger friends. We don’t need to undergo a facelift or be injected with costly botox to achieve and maintain a youthful look. What we need are simple face exercises. I haven’t tried it yet, but some testimonials are backing up the effectiveness of this non-invasive program.

A program called Facercise has been proven to strengthen and develop the facial muscles to provide an improved, toned and younger looking face. Body builders use weight training to develop certain muscles in his or her body, facial exercises, on the other hand, develop and accentuate certain facial feature. The result, according to reviews, can be seen after a few days. I have to see it to be convinced that it’s really effective. 🙂

Facercise include 13 facial exercises shown in instructional DVD and CD and online class via Skype. If you’re already doing the program you can expect the following result:

  •  Eyebrows are raised or lifted
  •  Eye sockets are enlarged, resulting in the eyes appearing more open and vibrant
  •  Diminished puffiness under the eyes
  •  A shorter or narrower nose. The nose grows with age, creating an aged appearance
  •  Fuller lips and turned up, younger looking mouth corners
  •  Toned and defined chin, neck and jaw line
  •  Complexions change color and become more vibrant and youthful

The product, dubbed as Hollywood’s best kept secret, is included in the top 100 beauty products in the world by the Harpers and Queen. It is also featured in the New York Times, Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Health and Harpers & Queen.