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Flashback Friday: Artistic children

Just a little nostalgic today.

I miss the days when my kids were in elementary school. At their young age, they already know what their interests are. They both love to draw and paint.

Both are teenagers now. My eldest is a freshman digital arts student. The younger one is in Grade VIII. Here’s some old photos of their drawings and painting which I’m reposting for Flashback Friday.

finger puppet

Kyle’s interpretation of our family. From left to right: Mom, Dad, Sister, Kyle

Kyle working on an assignment

A finger painting of tree by Naomi

A finger painting of tree by Naomi

Meet my family

I was busy in the kitchen when my son Khalil came rushing towards the sink. Hmmm…what is it this time? “Huhugasan ko lang ang ink sa kamay ko,” he said. “Tingnan ko nga.” “Ay, teka kukunan ko muna ng picture ‘yan.”  See what he draw on his fingers that amuse me. So he draw our family including an imaginary dog on his thumb (partly hidden below).

This will be me, daddy, ate, and kyle. The real ate is just watching in the background.

One happy puppet family
Mommy and Daddy
 Ate and Khalil