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Mommy Moments – First Aid Tips

I’m proud to say that we have a doctor err a first aider in the house, no less than my husband. He gave us first aid treatment when Khalil and I met a separate accident.

My accident actually wasn’t really an accident. Somehow I knew it was coming. I’m scolding my son for not finishing his food. I’m so mad that I hit the radiation filter of our desktop causing it to break. Just after hitting the glass, I saw blood gushing from my right hand. I sustained a half-inch cut. I was crying and a bit hysterical because of it.

What my husband did was wash my bloody hand with soap and running water and then pat it dry with cotton and applied Betadine iodine and covered it with bandage. He did the same thing to cleansed Khalil’s wound on the forehead.

If you remember Khalil sustained a three-inch gash on the forehead last year. He got the wound after he tripped over a protruding piece of metal covering the water meter of our neighbor. I was panicking and confused on what to pick up or apply to the wound to stop it from bleeding. The sight of blood really made me sick. My husband, on the other hand, was all composed attending to our son. He cleansed the wound with soap and running water and applied an antiseptic solution. We took Khalil to the hospital to close the gaping wound.

My son initially underwent a skull x-ray examination to find out whether fragments of metal remain inside the wound or rule out suspicion of a broken bone near the site of wound. After he was stitched up, he was vaccinated with an active and passive anti-tetanus shot to prevent tetanus microbe from setting in. The vaccines gave my son five-year immunity from tetanus infection.

What lesson do we get from both accidents? I’m trying to control my short temperedness. For Khalil, he should be more careful next time.

To us parents, its better to be always on our toes whatever type of mess we are in and always hope that no similar incident will happen again. (More first aid tips and stories at Mommy Moments)

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