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Flowers Bloom in Summer

Few flowering plants we have at home. My husband cultivates these plants while I assist in watering and putting crushed eggshells in each plant. Eggshells provide calcium requirements and other nutrients to keep the plants healthy.

Rosal (Gardenia) Plant
Santan (Ixora) Plant
San Francisco (Croton) Plants

The side part of the house is where our other plants grow. Not in the picture are our Chinese bamboo plants.

Different Plants That Brighten Up My Day

Update: K bought two metal plant racks to replace the single wooden rack. The new racks can accommodate more plants.

These plants have given me calmness on a rather gloomy day.

I’m just lucky my son inherited his maternal great-grandmother’s love for plants. He sure got his Lola’s green thumb or that natural talent for growing plants.

Perennial flowers for you

Have you heard of perennial flowers or simply perennials? I think your wife or friends who love plants a lot would appreciate to have them as garden gifts from you. These flowering plants are said to survive for more than two years. When the flowers wither, only the tops die down, but their roots stay alive in a dormant state. So when spring arrives they spring back to life with a new growth and new season of flowers. I like Perennials (although I haven’t seen one yet) because they bloom over many seasons in their lifetime and they need a little care only the basics for good growth: a reasonable fertile soil, proper drainage, enough sun and water and a little attention from us. Isn’t it nice to have a garden filled with flowers all the time?