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Food storage

A mother’s instinct sometimes dictates the choices that we make about healthy food intake, clothes to wear or activities to keep the young ones amused. In terms of food preparation, moms know the functional tools in the kitchen that makes life easier for them. Tools such as food keepers ensure the quality of food served in the dining table. Properly stored food whether frozen or dried are safe to eat at any time of the day.

In times of emergency, proper food storage is necessary. The experienced moms that we are know that emergency food storage kits are important to ensure that our family will get the most basic needs when economic or disaster happen.

Food keepers for school and work

There are cute food keepers that I’m contemplating to buy for the kids. The food containers that they are using are still functional, but I want a food keeper that can hold soup or food with sauce. Attractive food keeper can also enhance the eating habit of picky eaters.

Here are some pictures of cute food keepers I saw online. I guess these are also perfect as gift items for kids and those who are already working. How about giving customized food keepers with birth announcements? Do you think they will make a good gift tandem?

Photo source:  www.ivillage.com