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Healthy Food to Help Drug Patients Recover

There are some drug patients who do not know exactly what they can do in order to stay away from drugs. When they are already trying to forget about taking it, there will be something that would seem to lure them back. Studies show that taking certain food products will help drug patients to stay on track. It would be a good idea to stay away from food products that may contain caffeine and too much sugar. Eating fruits and vegetables will also make the person feel healthier which can help drug patients recover faster. Doing the non 12 step may also help although not all drug recovery patients feel that this process works.

Safe food handling

A restaurant was ordered closed by local health authorities several years ago after they discovered the presence of disease-causing bacteria in the food samples taken from the restaurant. It was a random check on food stalls and restaurants in the area during that time. Initially, health authorities said the personnel handling the preparation and cooking of food may not be cautious of cleanliness in the work area. Unsanitary preparation of food often causes sickness, namely hepatitis A, cholera, and typhoid fever.

The personnel underwent some tests and were negative for any communicable disease. But even so, the restaurant had to close shop. The incident left several people unemployed. The workers didn’t get any back pay or health insurance for the unemployed as the restaurant owner declared bankruptcy due to financial loss.

Health authorities remind those in the food business to always observe the proper storing and handling of food to prevent food-borne illnesses.

Also, health authorities impose health and safety training for new and existing businesses. Staff should undergo regular health examinations to ensure that they are fit to work especially those handling food products.

Business owners should impose stringent measures in the work places ensuring that cleanliness is observed properly at all times; work area should have proper ventilation and sufficient food storage to ensure longer shelf life of food items. Food business should require food handlers to wear gloves and hairnet.