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On Friends and Forgiveness

In the first company I worked for, I was fortunate enough to have made a true friend. We hang out so often that we could’ve easily traded faces. The test of our friendship befell us, when, after our annual medical checkup, we learned that she had tuberculosis.

Initially, I shunned her and just threw away the deep friendship we developed over a short period of time. I avoided her like the plague, and she turned to other workmates for company. I admit, I was selfish and unreasonable. I was paranoid for all the wrong reasons.

After some time, I can barely recall how it happened, we got back together. She forgave me and forgot everything, as if I never avoided her. I don’t remember anymore if I even had the guts to ask for forgiveness, but she let go of the past anyway. She simply forgot about how I hurt her.

I now realize that forgiveness is the true measure of friendship. It’s not at all easy to forgive and forget, so for somebody to be able to do that to you, that certainly means he or she values your friendship.

Guest Post.