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No birthday celebration for my sick boy today

Happy 10th Birthday Khalil!

Khalil was born on July 20, 1999 at 10:48 a.m. He weighed 7 pounds and measured 50 cm in length.
One-year old Kyle with Ate Naomi
Nine years later.
Kids waiting for their school service. P.E. day.


OUR house has turned into a mini clinic literally. My kids are both sick and I serve as their doctor and nurse for the time being. The virus that got me sick for one week has also infected them. Both are coughing and have slight fever. Despite their condition they still insisted to go to school to take their first long quiz this morning. Naomi said she couldn’t miss the exam.

My son’s fever has subsided after giving him paracetamol that was prescribed by his pediatrician last Saturday. He was also advised to take an antibacterial capsule, a mucolytic capsule, and an anti-asthma tablet for wheezing that manifest when he coughs. My daughter is still well when we visited the doctor, but since she manifests the same cough and cold symptoms as her brother I gave her paracetamol to alleviate her fever and mucolytic capsule for her cough. I hope the medicine will help improve her condition otherwise I’ll have no choice but to bring her to the doctor tomorrow.

As for my son’s birthday celebration today, it’ll have to wait until he and his sister get better. We are planning to got out this weekend to keep our promise to them. I hope my kids will recover soon.

Mommy Moments: Encounter with Pets or Animals

We always look forward to join field trips every school year especially when the itinerary includes museum as one of the places to be visited.

Our most memorable trip was the tour at the UPLB Museum of Natural History in Los Banos, Laguna, where we saw preserved biological and zooligal specimens like the stuffed owl below.

Khalil reminds me of Harry Potter in this photo. Harry has an owl pet named Hedwig.
Various preserved snake eggs.
I’m not sure if these are stuffed cows.

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