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Prospective work at home

I met my former officemate and her husband last Saturday to discuss about a prospective project in the coming days. It’s another translation job. My friend and I have been working on similar projects since 2006. She said this one is a bigger project compared to the ones we have completed in the past.

I might be out of the system (blog hopping, etcetera) for a while (except for writing some opportunity perhaps) since I have to study this translation tool that my friend gave me. I might not be able to join my Marces Kaye and Pehpot’s biggest online contest (sorry guys) as studying the ‘tool’ will require me to watch the instructional material from the video. Meeting the deadline is also very crucial in this project so any blogging activity in between might not be possible.

We haven’t discussed anything about the payment yet prior to the arrival of the project. But since my friend said its ‘big’ I’m also dreaming big here. I hope it (project) will help me save for the repair of our home. I have posted about our leaking roof even before the devastating typhoon Ondoy hit our country last year. The roof and ceiling in our bedroom and living room badly need repair job. I’m sure it will require a considerable amount of budget to finish especially if it is handled by experienced Builders.

I’m a little excited and nervous at the same time for our new project and thankful to my friend for making me a part of her team. My blogging activity will be put aside for a while, but I’m sure my friends will understand.