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Fire ants proof your house

Image credit: controlfireants.com

Image credit: controlfireants.com

Ants, termites, mice and cockroaches are the usual pests that invade the privacy of our homes. They are difficult to get rid of if you don’t know how to properly treat the sites they frequent and thrive. There’s a website that provide homeowners the right treatment to permanently keep these pests off your home. If you have problem with fire ants you can check out the internet for information. Some websites explain all the information you need to know about fire ants and how these tiny creatures live and thrive, the areas they build their nest on, and most importantly, the damage it gives to lives and properties.

Did you know that the site even provide steps in treating fire ant bites that are swelling? You know how sting of ant bites can cause itchiness and swelling. But you can treat them with available remedies at home. Here are some of them:

• Ice Cube
• Apply meat tenderizer
• Apply a paste of salt or crushed aspirin.
• Desert Essence ® Tea Tree Oil
• Rub with fresh slice of onion
• Dab with hydrogen peroxide
• Immediately apply aloe gel

To avoid stings and the emergencies related to it, people should avoid places and situations that may have fire ants; teach kids and elders about fire ants and the dangers they give; wear protective clothing such as boots, tuck your pants into socks when you are working outside your home; and control fire ant activity in frequently used areas.