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A rare gem

I found a gold mine in my better half not because he inherited millions but because he has a good heart. I’ve been writing about him in my blogs and will never get tired of making him the subject of my blog posts. It’s my way of thanking him for all the good things that he has done for the family. A responsible and giving person like him is a rare gem (much like gold bullion to miners). I will always be thankful that I have him in my life.

How to Stay In Love Despite Years of Marriage

One of the main problems of old couples is staying in love with each other. New love is usually exciting and there is always this thrill of finding something new about your partner each time. However, it is not only love that is important when it comes to years of relationship. Trust is also another important factor that is needed if you would like to have long relationship years with someone that you love. If you also have respect for each other, the relationship will also go a long way. The best thing to do in order to stay in love even after a few years is to plan small surprises every now and then. It would surely keep the fire of the relationship burning even after so many years.

Our first year together as Mr. and Mrs. T

Rodliz’s Nest

Liz, pardon me for the late entry. It’s only today that I’m posting my entry for Couple’s Corner which usually runs on a Wednesday. This week’s theme is about the first 365 days as husband and wife.
We have two important occasions to celebrate on our first year together, our wedding day and the birth of our first bundle of joy. There were a lot of adjustments and occasional spats during our first 365 days as a couple and as brand new parents. But counting the days to the present, hubby didn’t change a bit. He is still the same funny, understanding and responsible guy that I’ve known 13 years ago. I hope he will remain the ideal husband and Dad as he is now thirteen more years and beyond. God is so good for blessing our married life.