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Coffe, tea or me

This week at GT, girls are talking about their favorites drinks. My favorite is a cup of creamy coffee. I can consume three to four cups in a day depending on my mood. Sometimes I drink coffee after meal just to hasten my metabolism. Sometimes I drink tea for a change. I pour in two scoops of milk over a cup of tea to achieve my desired Naicha-like taste and add in ice cubes. I also like the iced tea from Shakey’s.

How about you what is your favorite drink that refreshes or cool you down. Share them here. 

Food Trip Friday: Bunch o’ Lunch

I’M just glad to join fellow bloggers here at Food Trip Friday. This is a weekly photo meme for food and photography enthusiast created by mommy Willa.

I’m not an expert in photography, I don’t even own a high-end camera or finish a degree in culinary arts to boot . I happen to enjoy food and appreciate anything that satisfies my palate, that’s all.

I’ve cooked some simple dishes for my husband and two kids and so far I’ve got good responses (and praises, too) from them (naks!). No one turned blue or purple (so far) from eating the food that I prepared for them.

My meal for today is not found on my menu list at home. This is the Bunch O Lunch that we ate at Shakey’s Ever Commonwealth last Saturday.

We just love the combination of spaghetti, chicken, a slice of pizza, mojos and garlic bread.
And BOL is best served with a glass of iced tea.

Hope you like my first entry for FTF today. Please check out other sumptuous meals here.
I’m tagging sis Shie and U. Pink to join us at FTF.