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Compression stockings for my aching feet

I feel really tired when we got back from watching New Moon tonight. The short distance from the cinema to the cab station gave me a hard time walking it’s as if I walk a mile. My legs are killing me. No amount of massage or elevate that I do to my feet; they still hurt so badly and feel heavy when I walk. I read an article that says compression socks can relax tired and aching legs. I wish I have a pair to use right now. A college friend who is suffering from diabetes has been using a pair of jobst socks to work. She said it gives her comfort after a day’s work. I found that Jobst is the number one physician recommended brand in compression stockings because they provide comfort to tired feet and address serious leg problems like swelling and venous disease. The sock or stocking can be worn by both men and women in office, those engage in sports activity, and diabetic like what my friend is using. Discountsurgical.com is offering Jobst sock as well as brands from Sigvaris, Juzo and Medi at 75 to 80 percent discount. Women can choose from knee-high, thigh-high and pantyhose compression. They are available in two colors, skin tone and elegant black.