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Bike shed for us

I’ve told my online friend about my interest to go jogging with her one weekend. This is in connection with my ultimate goal to lose weight and be fit for my health. I have not started any program on dieting yet not even watching what I eat (sigh). Hence, I need an activity (aside from household chores) where I can burn calorie(s) to the hilt. ^^ How about biking? Hubby has been telling me to try biking. Why not? The only problem we have at the moment is that our bike, actually its hubby’s is too tall for me. I want a bike that is fit for me (or my weight) that can be used by my kids later. If we are going to have another bike we will need a bike shed to be placed just outside our house. Bike storage sheds are necessary to protect the motorbike from constant exposure to sun and rain. I’ve seen one that fits our need for bike sheds at asgardsss.co.uk. They have useful step by step instructions on how to assemble the metal shed.