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It feels great to be part of Barrio Siete

Heard of the latest place (blogsite) to be?

Reyna Elena of reynaelena dot com , a personal and humor blog, is at the helm of this new ‘tambayan’ called Barrio Siete.

So what’s cooking up at “Barrio Siete”? Quoting Reyna Elena, who also serves as the Barangay Kapitana (Barangay Captain) of the site.

“This is an alternative collective blog by a group of bloggers who talk the talk, and walk the walk of its target audience — the socio-economic group who do not use pretentious and intellectual language that can not be grasped by ordinary human beings. Sa blog na ito, gagamitin namin ang mga salitang ginagamit sa araw-araw, sa kalye, sa iskuwela, sa bahay at sa opisina.”

In short, Barrio Siete a typical site where we can be ourselves without compromising our own beliefs and prejudices.

Citing Kapitana’s description of “Barrio Siete,” he said “it is the typical barrio where we came from, or a phase in our lives where we have to struggle to achieve our goals in life.”

One brewing topic in Barrio Siete at the moment is about actress Katrina Halili and ex-beau Hayden Kho’s explicit video.

Kapitana took me in as one of the ‘possible’ writers. It’s an honor to be included in the line up of prolific writers. You may visit thesite now.

Brouhaha over Hayden and Katrina’s steaming sex video

Filipina actress and reality talent search product Katrina Halili and Dr. Hayden Kho, a cosmetic surgeon in a product endorsement photo shoot. (I got the picture here)

Anger for Hayden Kho and pity for Katrina. This was my initial reaction when I saw the latest sex video for the first time last night through a cellphone.

If one is to look at it as plain sex video and you don’t know any of the actors in it, you would say it’s a clip from a porn movie as the ‘act’ is done artistically. But since everyone knows and talking about the video involving both actors, I can’t help but took pity on Katrina. She’s a woman and her rights (as a person) has been violated. Whether Katrina was aware or not when she it was filmed, my heart goes out to her.

Somebody has to pay for the bastard act (of filming and distributing the sex clip). In an interview Lolit Solis claimed that only four people knew or are keeping the copy of the video.

Such a pity. I support women’s group Gabriela and even Senator Bong Revilla in condemning Hayden (and other culprits) for this dastardly act.

This is my take on this issue. What’s yours?