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Kids and bags

mommy moments

My kids’ school bags look neat outside. But wait till you see what’s on the inside. Disarray! Well, that’s how school bags are supposed to look, right? 😀

Naomi is still using the same bag (yellow Montanara) since fifth grade. She’s a sophomore now.

Khalil is using a new bag (grey Targus) that we bought on ebay. It looks sturdy. I hope it stays useful for the next two or more years.

These are the school bags that I can show you for Mommy Moments. The other bags that they have are hidden somewhere. I can’t show them now, maybe next time. ^_^

Have a great week ahead everyone!  ^_^/

She gets praise for her talent

I’m watching the video that I’m telling you about earlier. It contains instruction on how we (the project team including me) go about the translation job that is coming hopefully soon. And before the new assignment will make me super duper busy I will share with you how thankful my daughter is for all the comments and praises she is getting for her drawings that I previously posted for Mommy Moments.

Blogger friends said that her sketches of human faces and animals are detailed just like the works of professional artists. There were comments encouraging my daughter to continue her hobby. Some were wondering if she is currently enrolled in an art school or if we have plans of enrolling her in one. I’m looking at the possibility this summer. A state university in our place is supposedly giving art classes for a minimal fee to young students. I’ll try to check if they will organize an art class this year.

Going back to my daughter’s love for drawing, art books have helped her slowly hone her talent. She gets pointers from published artists. I remember requesting her to design the logo or header of my previous blog layout. I also consult her regarding the correct images that I should post in my site.

With all the positive comments she is getting, my daughter has every reason to be happy and inspired (to draw) these days.

Amazing gift directory

I also get excited whenever my kids receive gifts from families and friends. But sometimes I wish I have the guts to request them what I want them to buy for my kids or at least give them a hunch of what I like. 😉

What if there is a website where you can actually show your gift-giver the item that you want not just in one but as many online stores that you registered at. One website that offers this free service is called AmazingRegistry.com. It was recently relaunched to provide better service to its users particularly mommies, expectant women, brides to be, and all those who simply love to give gifts to their loved ones.

You can share your own registry site to families and friends so they will have an idea what gifts to buy for you and your baby. While your relatives and friends enjoy shopping at the comfort of their own home, they will also be given discount coupons to your stores instantly.

AmazingRegistry.com is so easy to navigate and browse. It provides users with a help page for them to be able to understand how Amazingregistry.com works. You can register in your favourite store such as Baby Earth, Target, Amazon, Land Of Nod, Smartmomma, and all of these sites will be added to your registry website.

Through your registry site, you’ll be able to keep track off the gifts purchased from your registries and how many people have visited and actually bought them. You can also add a message in your registry website for your friends and family to see.

So if you are interested to have your own baby registry just visit AmazingRegistry.com and be amazed of the exciting service this site has to offer.