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Some Background Story About My Glass Baking Dish

Sharing a story about my glass baking dish for posterity’s sake. You may have seen this anchor bake dish twice in this blog which is actually as old as my daughter

My two-decade-old Anchor Ovenware Baking Dish.

This was given by then Health secretary Carmencita Reodica to health reporters as a Christmas present.

It was a sort of tradition for health beat reporters to hold a simple Christmas party. We had some food to feast on and prepared a little something for each one. The health chief would usually grace the salo-salo and greet everyone a Merry Christmas. Sometimes the token is given (before or) after the health secretary visits the press office. 

Sec. Reodica was assigned at the DOH from April 1996 to June 1998, so this baking dish could be 22 to 23 years old already. It still looks brand new after all these years serving good food and desserts. 

I hope to pass it on to my kids whoever wants to have it. 🙂

Did you make the cut?

Don’t you just find it quite a struggle to chop up those onions, mince that garlic and cut those red and green bell peppers into thin and uniform slices? Cooking and serving warm home-cooked meals to the family is simply pleasure but there is no simplicity in trying to come up with those neatly cut ingredients at a speed or just before you bring the meat ingredients to a boil so you can throw in the veggies. Give yourself a break and try to make your life a lot much easier in the kitchen, get some of those specialized cooking cutting tools and say goodbye to cutting woes and struggles.