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Hairy legs

When I was studying I dread attending PE (physical education) classes that require students to wear shorts. I dislike wearing PE shorts because of the unsightly hair on my legs and they are not shapely. But I can’t do anything to evade the subject more so drop it. I wish there was an easy way to get rid of leg hair permanently. So when I learn to shave, I do it almost everyday to keep the hair from growing back. If I miss a day the little hair growth becomes very uncomfortable. They are itchy, I swear. Even the shaver or razor that I used was kind of old fashioned. There are times I cut my skin while shaving. I read about beauty tips and even Dermatology information on what causes and how to minimize if not prevent leg hair from growing.

When I graduated and got a job, I bought hair removal products. I’ve tried hair removal wax, hair removal cream and easy-glide razor for women. I got tired using the wax and cream so I just use the razor after bath. Shaving everyday consume a lot of my time while preparing for work. Sometimes, I thought of having a Laser Hair Removal in Los Angeles to end my tedious battle with leg hair. Some reviews claim they’re the best clinic in permanent hair removal. They also perform Celibre Laser Tattoo Removal. Well, just in case anybody is looking for tattoo removal clinic. You can check it out.

At present, I still use razor but this time I don’t shave everyday because I notice that as I aged, the leg hair appear to grow slowly (there might be a clinical explanation for this).