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Pasyon and Visita Iglesia online

How I wish to visit at least seven Catholic churches this Holy Week for the traditional Visita Iglesia but the scourging heat prevents me from doing so. Good thing there are now available sites online where those who practice the Catholic faith can virtually visit several churches from different areas and do their station of the cross. And for those who wish to hear the traditional Pasyon but don’t know where can check out this site to hear all of 21 Pasyon audio clips. You can refer these sites to family and friends who are unwell to go out to observe the Lenten activities.

Mommy Moments: Rainbow Colors (Easter Gifts for Kids)

Early this month, I requested my daughter to draw me some personalized Easter gifts for kids. I intend to use the drawing for my food blog. After a few minutes, my daughter gave me this colorful drawing – her idea of homemade Easter gifts for kids. :)

Let us not forget the true meaning of the Lenten Season. Happy Easter, everyone! :)
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