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A Simple Living Room Wall Makeover with Photowall

Hubby and I did a little DIY project over the weekend to give this wall space a fresh perspective.

Our living room wall was bare like this. One time hubby put up a tarpaulin with a snowy landscape design to make our home feel festive for the holidays.

But even if the holidays had ended, we decided not to remove the tarpaulin, so now it becomes an instant background for every Christmases and birthday celebration at home.

Hubby printed a snowy Christmas scene on a tarpaulin. It looks like wallpaper from afar.

Photowall Offer

Last month, I got an email from a company representative who offered to collaborate by sending me a free photowall. I grab the opportunity because I thought it is the right time to make something out of this wall. It’s also very timely for Mother’s Day celebration.

We also thought that wallpaper would be easier to install than painting it.

Searching for the Right Design

With so many designs to choose from, I had a hard time picking one that stands out. Considering that we have a low ceiling house design, I surmise a wallpaper with a bold or solid design would appear asymmetrical when posted. It took me a while to decide which print design to choose.

I decided to go for the white marble design because of its simplicity and minimalist appeal. A white wall makes an ideal backdrop for a photoshoot. After picking the design that I like, I measure the wall, and then I placed my order using the code given to me at checkout.

I got my order on April 26 via DHL.

I received the photowall in 10 days. It arrived in two boxes, including two pouches of powder paste and hanging instructions. I was excited to start this project. Imagine we would be beautifying our living space without having to break the bank. This photowall costs around P27,000 in our local currency.

Easy Photowall Installation

Prepping the wall

Following the hanging instructions, we were able to finish installing the photowall in less than two hours. It includes cleaning the surface and covering the wall with paste.

Hubby ensures that he hung the panel straight

The Finished Product

We are happy with the result. The wallpaper is so smooth, and it looks like authentic marble from a distance. This project gave us a renewed hope to do more projects for the improvement of our house. This spot will be my favorite background when taking pictures from now on.

This photowall project is just the beginning of more DIY projects in the future. We are tackling one wall space at a time.

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