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Trisha’s love for books

Six years ago, I posted about a book that my son purchased from a second-hand book stall in our local market. I didn’t write a book review but posted about the interesting note written by the previous owner of the book (Dork Diaries), a girl named Trisha.

The message reads:

To the lucky kid who got this,

This book is special to me. It was a gift from my aunt and late uncle, so I cherished this book. But when I look at the children who look for food in the streets, I wanted to help. So I donate this book that I treasured for 3 years or four, so take care of it and enjoy reading!


*I memorized this book with all my heart, so keep this book safe for me!

The young girl’s message truly warms the heart. And her love for books was remarkable. My son who purchased the book is a young adult now. Maybe he would be happy to share or donate the book to the public library so other kids would enjoy reading them.