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Capturing the lunar eclipse

I’m sharing a good tip in capturing the lunar eclipse from a former fellow reporter from PDI, Bobby Timonera. Got this from his FB status and thought of sharing this with photo enthusiasts.

Newbie photographers out there … you don’t need flash to capture the moon! 😀 You don’t need tripod either, unless you got superduper long telephoto lens. Don’t believe your camera’s light meter, too, unless it’s got spot metering. Just use the sunny f/11 rule (ops, it’s not sunny f/16 as the book says), coz the moon’s brightness level is just about the same as Earth’s during day time. At this time, at iso400, start at 1/400 at f11 to get details of the moon’s surface, and vary aperture/shutterspeed as needed. You can also use 1/400 @ f8 to “expose to the right.” You may open up aperture a bit or slow down shutter speed a bit once eclipse goes total.

Lunar eclipse @ 9:04pm (taken by Bobby T.)

Bobby uses the following — EOS 40D, 70-200 @ 200mm, iso400, f8 @ 1/400sec. No PP except cropping to capture the Lunar eclipse.

Too bad for me, I wasn’t able to take a glimpse of the moon because its cloudy and drizzling in this side of town.

Photos are not mine