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What to do with this lyre


I bought this lyre for my son three years ago. He joined the school’s Drum and Lyre Band and he need to have his own lyre to join. I bought this for P1,100.00 ($27) and comes with a free case. It was our first real musical instrument at home. Now my dilemma is what to do with this lyre. My son no longer use it. I thought maybe someone could make good use of this.

Meantime, if you are looking for a cost-effective ukele tuning, you can check some music stores in the Quiapo, Manila area for service center.

Drum and Lyre Band


My son will be joining the Drum and Lyre Band again this school year. It’s one of the many school activities that will keep him busy. I bought the bell lyre for P1,100.00 ($27) and comes with a free case. It’s original price was P1,500.00 or $37. I checked online and the price is a bit higher. But if you are looking for other musical gadget like a reverb or effects processor you can save on lexicon mx200 at guitar center. In Quiapo, Manila, one can get the same quality of lyre at much lower price. My son said the bell lyre is easy to play. It’s the first real musical instrument we have at home.