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Macro Photography Using a Point-and-Shoot

Although the sound of it can be quite intimidating, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Simply defined, macro photography means taking close up pictures of tiny things. It sort of gives you perspective of life in its most miniscule form. Imagine taking a photo of a raindrop on a small leaf. Now, that’s macro photography for you.

But what if you haven’t been blessed with a fancy DSLR? Can you still manage to take effective macro shots? The answer is, yes. Even with a simple point-and-shoot, you can still take macro shots, though admittedly, not as breathtaking as those taken with a high-end DSLR. Here’s how:

Choose Macro Mode. If you haven’t fully explored your point and shoot yet, you’d be surprised of your camera’s capability to shoot in macro. In this mode, your camera is told to choose an aperture which focuses on your subject instead of the background.

Look for a main point of interest, and place that in a position which draws attention from the viewer. Choose a simple background, so it doesn’t overpower your subject.

It’s best to shoot in natural daylight. Choose the best time of the day to take your macro shot. Other wise, just experiment with your camera’s flash settings for optimal results.
Simply maximize your point-and-shoot’s features, and you’ll be shooting stellar macro shots in no time.