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Hair and make-up at the salon

I want my daughter to look presentable and beautiful for her JS prom so I accompanied her to the salon for her hair and make-up. The make-up artist did a good job I must say. She had a simple make-up and a simple hairstyle to go with it. My daughter looks pretty. She’s all grown up now. She’s no longer the little girl who plays with little cars and pullies and dolls. In a couple of weeks, she’ll be graduating from high school and soon enter college.

Isn’t she pretty? Got this picture taken right after the make-up session.

Package from Japan

Ta-da! I’ve been waiting for this to arrive and its finally here. My good friend Clarissa sent me this package containing my prize to Bambie’s First Mini Give Away Contest. I think Clang knows that I badly need this one. Let’s see what’s inside this package.

The courier said he had difficulty locating my address. He’s really panting when he arrived at our place today poor guy.
Oh there’s a note for me…
Aw, she’s so sweet…
My prize.AgnesB. Make-up kit goodies from Clarissa of course.
I admit I don’t know how to blend the eye colors but I will in time. I might be wearing them on Sati’s Christening Day or Chris’ first get together on Dec. 26.

Here’s a special gift from Clarissa. It’s about time to change my raggedy bag to this chic shoulder bag.

Clang, thank you for the thoughtfulness and kindness. God Bless!  (^L^)