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Miniature Spanish Town and Manunggul Jar

The town of San Diego described by Dr. Jose Rizal in Chapter 10 of the Noli Me Tangere is a microcosm of a typical Spanish pueblo or town. An interactive video presentation of the miniature San Diego comes to life in the Spanish period National Historical Institute.

I’m not sure what museum this picture was taken from (or was it at the National Historical Institute).

A brief note was written at the back of the picture.

The showcase for pre-conquest history of the Philippine includes a replica of the Manunggul jar, Ambahan writings on bamboo tubes, Calatagan jar and Laguna copperplate which contain ancient inscriptions.


I haven’t been to a museum lately, but whenever I got the chance to visit one, I would normally stay longer in the corner where various artifacts are displayed. There is something in pieces of history that is mesmerizing. They appear so old and plain but they say a lot about our past, the rich culture and heritage our ancestors once enjoyed.

So, when I saw this picture of Manunggul Jar (the far left jar) from the National Historical Institute, I pause for a few minutes and indulge in this awesome image that seems to bring me back to pre-conquest period of my native land (Philippines, The Pearl of the Orient Seas).

I haven’t seen a lot of these in awhile, I wonder when I can visit the museum again.

A description at the back this picture reads:
The showcase for pre-conquest history of the Philippine includes a replica of the Manunggul jar, Ambahan writings on bamboo tubes, Calatagan jar and Laguna copperplate which contain ancient inscriptions.