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I blame it on my hormones

I’m not in a blogging mood lately. I haven’t responded to emails, comments and queries from dear friends since last week. I hope they understand me…I’m not sure what causes this gloomy feeling… I wish I could share them here…Can I blame my hormones for this? I’m pushing ** and some signs of hormone imbalance are already showing up. The prominent signs are fatigue, dizziness, anxiety, headaches, premenstrual syndrome or PMS, and weight gain. The last being my problem for the last two years is taking its toll on my overall health and my outlook in life. I’m not as confident when I was younger and slimmer. Appearance though is not the outright problem for me but by the way my weight is affecting my activities around the house. I get tired easily. I have the tendency to rest after doing a minor activity. I wish I have the conviction to exercise to get rid of the unnecessary pounds. If I’m fit and healthy I can better manage my stress and avoid this sulking mood for good. I hope to be back on my blogging activity in time.