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This is it! – a must-see movie

Arrgh…they watched MJ’s movie without me! I was really broken-hearted but what am I supposed to do? I was languishing at home toiling over an unfinished assignment. huhuhu.  (~~>.<~~)

I definitely can’t write about it so I requested my daughter to write a sort of review for me. Guess what, you are reading an entry written by her now. My daughter is my guest blogger today. She is Naomi, future artist and writer. (^.^)

 “We watched Michael Jackson’s “This is it” yesterday (Sunday). It was worth watching and I really enjoyed it. It was MJ’s best film as critics would rate it. As a fan of the late singer I agree with them. The best parts are his performances of “Smooth Criminal” and “Thriller” which are supposed to be shown in 3D during the concert and both songs are presented with new music videos. While watching it, you can’t help but dance and sing along with his songs. What’s great about it is that his voice is still the same like when he was younger. The film is really great and all his performances are really great even if it was just a rehearsal. He was and still is the great singer and dancer for me. The film is a must see movie whether you are an MJ fan or not.”

 I couldn’t agree more. The review came from an avid fan herself. I can imagine the joy in my daughter’s eyes while watching the movie. It was all Dad and kids bonding moment last Sunday and they had fun!

sketch art by Naomi

‘This is it’

My daughter couldn’t contain her excitement to watch Michael Jackson’s ‘This is it’ movie on Wednesday. She started saving up for the tickets last month. It will be a mother-daughter date since my son is not interested to join us. Hubby will buy the tickets for us tomorrow. Prior to this my daughter made a sort of deal with me. She promised to do well on her second quarterly tests in exchange for my approval to allow her to see the movie. Any parent couldn’t turn down a request coming from an obedient daughter like mine besides she really made an effort to raise the money. She got a total of P288 more than enough to buy the tickets and some change for our fare going to the mall.

A big Michael Jackson fan that she is, she sure write all her thoughts down in her diary after the event.