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Mommy Moments: Summer plans

mommy moments

No summer plans yet for the whole family as of this posting. hihi. But I requested the kids to list down their own plans or what they intend to do for the whole summer. Here’s what they have to say.

1. Practice drawing
2. Finish reading at least 2 novels
3. Watch lots of movies
4. Travel
5. Attend a summer art class

1. Play with Oreo
2. Feed Oreo
3. Play computer games
4. Renew membership (computer game)
5. Watch tv

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Mommy Moments: Our Latest Family Picture

This is our recent family picture taken last December (after Christmas) while we’re having dinner at Puregold Supermarket in Fairview. We were at the supermarket to replenish our food stock and to look for a new bed. 

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Have a great and safe weekend everyone!

mommy moments

What your favorite color tells about you

My kids’ wardrobe include mostly colored shirts and denim jeans. Of late, my daughter wants to wear blue shirts. My son, on the other hand, loves green shirt. I don’t have many photos of them wearing their favorite blue or green shirt except these two latest pictures here.

Date with Daddy at SM Fairview

Your Favorite Color Says You’re Tender
Emotional — Affected — Sensitive
Peaceful — Tranquil — Connected
Spiritual — Experimental — Deep

@ SM Marikina

Your Favorite Color Says You’re Sympathetic
Balanced — Relaxed — Flexible
Compassionate — Philosophical — Humble
Loyal — Inventive — Unique

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