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A Daughter’s Wish for Her Mom

I was deeply touched by the comment left by a contest participant on my blog. When asked about what she’d like to give her mom on Mother’s Day, the commenter said she would like to give her mom an all-expense paid trip to Singapore or Korea. She said that her mom used to travel a lot when she was still single, but that changed when she got married and raise kids. To show her gratitude to her mom for looking after their family and for being a great, loving, and selfless mom, she’d like her mom to travel again and see nice places and enjoy herself. It’s such a noble wish of a daughter to her mother.

I wish I could grant a dream like that for my own mother. My mom is a selfless person; she’s the type who could provide a dog bed for an orphan or stray puppy. I may not able to provide her expensive gifts or a ticket to someplace she’d love to visit, but she knows how much I love her that no material things can equal. I love you, Nay!