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A glimpse into motherhood

This is a repost-Mother’s Day entry. Originally, the questions were provided by a blogger friend to write something about motherhood based on the following questions…

This is just a glimpse of who I am as a mom I or what I think of motherhood based on my experience.  Here we go…

Who are you?

I’m Yami. I’m a stay-at-home mom, wife and (part time) blogger.

What is motherhood like?

Motherhood has changed my life forever.

When did you know you are ready for motherhood?

I’m already 26 when I got married. I thought it was the right age to have a baby and I can’t wait to give my husband the best gift that I can give him. I’m so excited that I can bear even the pungent after-taste of pregnancy vitamins…

What challenges did you face during the first years of being a mother?

I have to sleep late or wake up in the wee hours of the night to mix baby milk or change diapers and when they are under the weather. During the day, I have my mom and a yaya to look after my kids while we are at work. Yes, I used to be a working mom.

How many children do you have and do you want more?

I have two grown-up kids who are both taller than me now. We have no plans of having another baby because it’s no longer safe for my age and we can’t afford to support another child.

Update: I can no longer bear a child because of the reason I post here.

What’s the best thing in being mother/ parent?

The best part of being a parent is when you know you have raised your children the way you want them to be.

Is there anything you dislike about being a mother/parent?

I’m easy to anger. I really don’t like myself when I’m angry. I tend to spoil my kids. I also dislike myself when I can’t keep a promise to my kids sometimes..

Despite the high and low moments of being a mother or parent, there was never a moment that I regretted being a mom to my kids.

What advice would you give to new mothers?

Take each day with your new baby as it comes. Everything about motherhood comes naturally. Although there are books or elders to refer to once in a while, the best teacher will be you.

What are your plans for the future for you, your family?

We hope to give our children a better future.

For myself, I wish to receive more online opportunities to help augment the family income.

Mother’s Day Gift idea


I want to give something to my mom on Mother’s Day. But the gift idea on my mind is not something that she needs, but I know she will be happy to have one. I’m talking about engravable charms from joyjewelers.com. My mother is not a jewelry person like me. I grew up seeing her using the same old pair of earrings and a very old personal ring.

If ever this will be the first time that I will be giving her a charm with her name etched on it or a piece with our name on it (hers, mine and my sister’s). You may find this corny, but I want my mother to feel that we are close to her and we care for her always even if we don’t show it often. As you know, she is taking care of my young nieces and nephews while my sister is working abroad. When I visit her in their rented house, I always find her looking sadly out a window. I’m sure she misses my sister. I wish I could do something to make her happy.

Do you think a personalized silver bracelet with charm will make my mother smile?

I hope you can make the occasion truly memorable to your mom or your wife with or without a material gift. Make them feel that you love and care for them while they are still around.

Image courtesy of start08 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A Mother’s Day gift

My daughter gave me a beautiful present last Sunday. This drawing is not me, but my daughter said, it’s the only gift she can give me for Mother’s Day. I’m deeply touched by her gesture. She never realized her dream to enrol in any art school that we promised to send her this summer. But, my daughter never complains. She did what she has to do. She spends a lot of time practicing drawing almost every day. She’s using a different drawing tool now if you notice, from pencil, to water color, and now pen.

These are two of her latest drawings that I’m proud to show you. The lines are more distinct in actual copy. I feel happy for her accomplishment, it’s more than enough gift for me.

Friends, thank you for visiting and leaving comments on my blog(s). I wish to reciprocate the same act of kindness, but I’m still busy (the busiest) with my side-line here. We are nearing the deadline, and sad to say we are half-way through the initial phase of the project.

I haven’t visited or open my FB account to say thank you to everyone who greeted me on my birthday and on Mother’s Day. I’ll just take this chance to sincerely say “Thank You” to all of you (you know who you are).

If you see an update on my blog, most likely, it’s an assignment (but not this one) nearing its deadline (I missed one opps already from SR and now I’m being punished, they’d drop all my blog PR in my dashboard for that). I hope to be back soon and pay all of you a visit. I mean all those who still remember me (no pun intended here) even if I don’t visit their site often. Thank you.

Just one last thing, I’m wishing everyone (including my own mom, whom I have not greeted or seen during the occasion) a belated Happy Mother’s Day.