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The Convenience of Motorbike During Lockdown

Hubby got his motorbike 14 years ago as the company’s payment for his unpaid vacation leaves. At first, I was hesitant to have that motorbike at home because I don’t want my hubby to drive it to work. He passes Commonwealth Avenue every day. And you know that Commonwealth Avenue is accident-prone, especially for motorbike riders traversing the stretch.

For a while, I let hubby drive the vehicle. But on his own, he decided not to bring the motorbike because he thought it’s more convenient to ride a bus or take a UV express taxi. Imagine he can sleep or relax while traveling. We use our motorbike to the market and run errands.

Hubby opted to drive the motorbike to the pickup point where the company service car waits for him and his co-workers. By doing that three times a week, hubby can save his tricycle fare.

Hubby follows the same work routine since he is working from home the rest of the week anyway.

Our more than a decade-old motorbike has been a great help to our family. Since its procurement, it doesn’t cause headaches. It only requires regular maintenance such as change oil, battery replacement, and flat tire using motorcycle lifts. Hubby doesn’t need to search for Best Buy Auto Equipment because the genuine parts of the motorcycle are still in good condition.

Fox Racing Casuals Buying Guide

If you are a motorcycle aficionado, you will most likely be spending time with other members of your riding club when you’re not riding. Like an enthusiast of a favorite sports team, you will also be donning on the casual motorcycle clothing of your favorite manufacturers of motorcycles and riding gear on days when you are not riding and clad in your motorcycle gear.

Motorcycle clothing is not something you just wear when you’re riding. Clothes are one of the best ways to help you express your love of riding when you’re off your bike. BikeBandit.com has a wide range of motorcycle clothing – casual pieces like T-shirts and jackets – that the hardcore biker, ATV enthusiast, and even weekend warrior can wear. In addition to motorcycle shirts and jackets, Bike Bandit sell hats, glasses, and pants for the motorcycle lifestyle of a motorcycle enthusiast.

Fox Racing apparel is no stranger to motorcycle aficionados.  Fox Racing is the global leader in motocross and mountain biking gear and apparel. They outfit the world’s best competitive athletes and enthusiasts with products that combine innovation and style, rooted in the brand’s original competitive motocross spirit.

Bike Bandit is the one-stop center for your motorcycle apparel and gear shopping. Whether you are looking for motorcycle gloves or pants, jackets or boots, casuals or gear, the choices are endless at the one-stop online biker accessories shop.  Fans of Fox Racing casuals can find lots of useful buying guide at Bike Bandit’s website. There are plenty of interesting articles on motorcycles and related motorcycle apparel in their blog.

It doesn’t matter if you race the trails competitively or cruise at your pace on the weekends, you’re a rider. And when you’re a rider, it’s simply part of who you are. So even when you aren’t on your bike, you still want to show the world your love for motorcycles with the motorcycle casual apparel you wear. That’s how BikeBandit.com can help because they offer a huge selection of styles in everything from t-shirts and jackets to hoodies, gloves, wallets, sunglasses and just about anything that you can think of that’s related to motorbiking. And that includes options for men, women and youth.

Choosing motorcycle riding jacket to suit your type of ride

Today’s motorcyclists are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing motorcycle jackets. No longer are motorcycle jackets limited to the classic black leather jacket that are very popular among seasoned motorcyclists such as the cruisers, etc. These days, a motorcyclist can easily find a jacket from the wide range of motorcycle jackets fit his or her style and needs.

Each jacket is designed and made specifically designed for certain type of riders. Take for example, a leather cruiser jacket is best used by a cruiser rider, but will not be suitable for a commuter rider. Choosing the right motorcycle apparel has to do with the type of fabric used, the fit and the style. There are many types of motorcycle available and we need to choose which style and type to best suit us and our riding style.

There are four main types of motorcycle riding jackets and they are the cruiser, racing, sport or street, and dual sport jackets. Each type of riding jackets are designed to meet the specific needs of each style of riding. The jackets are mostly made from leather and textile material, allowing the riders the choice to choose the preferred material to best suit their riding style. Besides the four main types of riding jackets, there are also other jackets types such as all season motorcycle jackets to accommodate the style and needs of the riders.

Cruiser jackets are usually made of leather but synthetic textiles and cotton are also growing in popularity in the constructing of cruiser jackets. Cruiser jackets have two distinctive features, i.e. fashion and comfort. These jackets are generally on the looser side to provide room for comfort. Cruiser jackets are usually not armoured.

Racing jackets are designed and constructed with high abrasion resistant materials to protect against serious injuries due to the risk of high speed racing. The most common material used for the jacket is a thick cowhide due to its excellent abrasion resistance. Synthetic stretch panels are placed in key areas to aid in rider mobility. Internal armours are common to provide protection against high speed impacts and slides. Racing jackets are designed and made to have a very tight fit for more aerodynamic, etc.

Sport and/or street jackets are designed as a more casual or relaxed version of the racing jacket. These jackets are commonly made with textiles, leather or a combination of both materials. The jackets usually allow room for ventilation, removable liners and are usually armoured.

Dual sport jackets are designed and constructed to accommodate the variety of different riding situations. The jackets are made of highly durable water resistant textiles that are breathable. The jackets are usually armoured, with room for ventilation, and equipped with an insulated liner for all temperatures.