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So near and yet so far

Do you have blurred vision while reading a book or magazine, and you tend to hold the reading material away from you in order to read it clearly? Chances are you have presbyopia. It is something that happens to your eyes when you hit 40. I admit I might have one although I need to see an eye doctor to confirm it.

When you are young your eye lens is soft and flexible they readily changes shape to focus. But as you age, the crystalline lens in your eye hardens and loses elasticity, making it hard for you to adjust quickly in focus from near to far and in-between.

I read about the eye condition and one way to correct it is by wearing multifocal eyeglasses. But since I have a choice between contacts and eyeglasses, I might choose contact lenses. There are brands of multifocal contact lenses to choose in the market so my option will be to buy an expensive or discounted contact.