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My daughter wants to blog

My daughter is keeping a daily journal and lately she’s showing interest in having her own blog like mine. She expresses herself well through writing (unlike mommy…sigh) and it excites her when we are discussing the possibility of designing her own site. She has an eye for layout design at a young age. She also wants to maintain a site where she can post all her recent drawings. There is a new free blog hosting service for beginner called Nakutaku. The homepage is so design to allow young bloggers to roam and check on important details in starting out a blog. You just have to sign up for free to get your free blog powered by wordpress and you are ready to begin your journey to the blogosphere. Just remember to make a creative name for your blog for easy recall. I tried signing up for my daughter and in just seconds I created Naomi’s Lair. She’s about ready to fill her site’s pages with her creative thoughts.