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Name tag

The ever resourceful hubby made this simple name tag for the kids in time for the opening of classes.

We don’t need to buy premade name tags, hubby used a few recycled materials found inside our house to come up with this simple DIY name tag.

Start of School Year 2011-1012

Today is the beginning of school year in most part of the country. Some private schools and colleges will open on June 13.

The kids were fetched at around six thirty this morning and sent home before lunch time. Their regular classes will start tomorrow so they have to bring all their school stuff.

Hubby might just assist the kids with printing notebook and book labels. We are supposed to purchase cute label stickers at printdirectforless business card printing, but we don’t have enough time to place our order due to budget constraint. We will be using our own printer at home to print the labels instead.

iHeartFaces: Back to School

All set for the first day of school. In the Philippines classes officially begin on the first or second week of June. I took this picture while my children Naomi (not in picture), niece Mariel and son Khalil are waiting for their school service to arrive. They are wearing a name tag or nameplate here to identify themselves to their new classmates and teachers. It will be replaced by their school IDs later on.

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