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Miss the fun part of coverage

Out-of-town coverage isn’t just about work. We also find time to enjoy after a hard day’s work by visiting the nearest market or shopping center to look for souvenirs. We were not required to submit an article right away, so we have ample time to visit popular places in the city. If the desk would advise us to file a story in advance, we would need to get all the details that we can get from Day 1. Good thing we had a good internet connection at the hotel so filing a story was very convenient.

Flashback Friday: Coverage

Looking at this picture brings back good memories of my former job. I was with my co-worker pal Mia (left); a freelance photographer (seated) whose name I forgot; and former Governor Benjamin Romualdez in healthier days.

The photo was taken from a house owned by the Governor’s friend in Tacloban, Leyte. We were served breakfast/snack, but we were still full after eating a hefty meal from a previous gathering. We just dropped by the house and from the looks of it the visit was short notice that our host wasn’t able to put/buy crinkle taffeta tablecloths on the dining table.

As far as I can remember, we only had coffee and then took off to attend another gathering in the nearby municipality.

Catching up with a former news source

Facebook has been helpful to a lot of people in finding and reconnecting with their long-lost loved ones, relatives, classmates and friends. Only recently, I found a former news source through Facebook. A common friend led me to her. The lady is still connected with CIW (Correctional Institution for Women) in Mandaluyong. I’m glad that she still remembers me. She invited me to come to her office if I’m not busy. I promised I’ll drop by when my schedule permits me.

I remember her to be so accommodating and really provide time to answer all my queries especially if it concerns the elderly inmates. There was one occasion where I was the only one invited to cover the event. Everybody was attentively listening to her message over the krk rokit 8-powered sound system. It was an appeal they wanted to reach Malacanang. She and other stakeholders are requesting the government to grant freedom to old and sick women inmates so they can spend their remaining days with their loved ones. It was one of the memorable assignments I ever had.

I’m sure this friend of mine will have more stories to share when we see each other again.