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Say thank you thru party favors

I’m not good at organizing parties especially when the occasion calls for a big attendance like baptismal gathering. So we opted to celebrate the baptism of our two kids in a restaurant where the venue is big enough to hold the guests and the food served is taken cared for us. We don’t need to look for printed tablecloth rush order in order to make the venue presentable. Also, during those times I had no idea of the importance of party favors or keepsakes to give out to guests such as our friends, relatives and loved ones who truly made the occasion meaningful for our children’s entry into the Christian community. Sadly we don’t even prepare any token to remind our guests of the occasion. But if it happens today where I’m more exposed to this kind of occasions, I would love to give our guests with delicious-cupcakes as our ‘thank you’ gift to them. Now I know what to give my future guests in case I throw a simple party at home let say for my coming nth birthday?

Where to Celebrate After Graduation

It is already March so it is normal for people to look for places wherein they can celebrate. For those who would love to have fun with their friends, they would probably want to celebrate in a place wherein they would be able to either talk or party a lot with their friends. Talks can be nice especially if you know you would not be able to see your friends for a good long while. Still, you might want a remembrance of the place you would go to with the help of the m-audio fast track pro which basically records everything. Partying can also be nice if you are the type to dance the night away. It would make the celebration so much fun.

Love is in the air

Hubby and I are never used to giving personal gifts to each other. If ever we exchange gifts, the item is usually intended for use and enjoyed by the whole family like the laptop that I’m using now. Although I’m using this computer the whole time, kids and hubby can take their turn using it, which is when I do some household stuff lol.

I haven’t thought of giving hubby anything this Valentine’s Day, until I saw this fabulous seiko kinetic watch while browsing online. I can’t take my eyes off this watch. I need to have it for my hubby. For all his hard work and the caring and mushy stuff like that, I think hubby deserved to own a manly watch like this one. So elegant.

It’s not the material thing that makes hubby happy, but the thought that I remember him on the occasion itself. I just want him to know how much I appreciate him and enjoy the ride with him. Advance Happy Valentines’s Day, hon!