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A little something for the kids on Christmas

When I was still working I dream of organizing a little gift giving to some kids at the orphanage that I once visited. I thought of sending holiday invitations and requests to my close friends to donate something for the project that would surely make little kids happy on Christmas Day. Many of those kids received Christmas presents from visitors who organized parties inside the orphanage. Sadly, my project didn’t happen because I already left my job. But in God’s time, I know my dream to help the little souls will still come true…

Pixel Bugs: Toys


I collected all my kids’ toys over the weekend and placed them inside a sack and plastic bags. They are planning to sell their old toys to kids in the neighborhood so they could raise their own money for Christmas. Although cheap some of the toys were memorable to them and to me as well that I’m having second thoughts of letting them go. We also plan of donating some of the toys to children evacuees, but I think they need more clothes, food and school items than toys. Or maybe we can donate some of the toys to an orphanage. Any suggestion?