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Opportunities the Ramblers Way

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

My cousin’s aunt (her father’s side of the family) used to work in a shirt factory. The company was making profit because they export the shirts overseas. The rejected products are sold to employees and I’m one of those who were lucky to buy their nice shirts at affordable price. However, after several years of operation, the company went bankcrupt because of stiff competition from other companies that rely on outsourcing services. These companies hire workers from other companies to save operation cost. From what I’ve heard, the shirt factory ceased operation and closed down. Many workers depending on it were left jobless.

comfy shirt

In the US, a company called Ramblers Way Farm Corporation has taken in their manufacturing facilities to address unemployment in small towns. They revive distressed communities and make them productive like they used to. What is admirable about Ramblers Corporation is that they initiate efforts to preserve old edifice in downtown Kennebunk, Maine which serves as their office now. The building was originally built in 1792 and has been restored to its original condition while being modernized to meet the present environmental standards. Made in America products are usually associated to Ramblers Way because the company sources, grows and produce fine woolen apparel using 100 percent domestic resources or sustainable materials from America.

I’m aware there are entrepreneurs in the Philippines that think and operate like Ramblers Way only that these businesses need more capital to maintain operation to create more jobs.