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Heavenly Balbacua

One of the vloggers I’m following featured this Cebu-authentic ox-tail stew in one of her recent vlogs. I remember my bro-in-law’s famous (among the relatives) Balbacua.

He had a chance to cook and share to us this delicious soup before he flew to Brunei for a job opportunity.

I wasn’t able to ask him the ingredients of his specialty dish and how it is prepared, so I borrowed someone else’s recipe on the net (recipes.inthephilippines.net). I’m reposting the recipe here.


1 kg Oxtail (sliced)
1/2 kg Beef Skin
(1 Can Pork and Beans – BIL did not include this)
4 pieces saba (cooking bananas)
1 cup spring onion (minced)
black pepper
ginger (chopped)
1/2 kg peanut butter


1) Assemble the oxtail, beef skin, chopped ginger in stockpot. Pour around 5 cups of water. Add blackpepper. Bring to boil.
2) When the oxtail and beef skin are tender, add the saba, peanut butter, and the pork and beans. Let simmer.
3) Season to taste.
4) Garnish with minced spring onion before serving.