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Mommy and Mumay

My daughter was busy chatting with her FB friends when I requested her to pose for this shot.
This is supposed to be an entry for Mommy Moments. It’s not a wacky pose I know.This is just one of the series of photos that I took the other day including one “wacky” shot. I uploaded the photos already but decided to delete it because I don’t want the young lady to get mad at me for posting the same without her approval (she’s at her Dad’s office now). Anyway, I’m sharing another picture of us (pardon the oily skin and uncombed hair ;-).  
Looking forward to a stress-free Saturday and Sunday. Hope you enjoy the long weekend with your family. We are going to attend Parentin tv event tomorrow afternoon. Hope to see other mommies there. I’m excited! 🙂

Happy weekend everyone!