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Are you happy?

I had a little chat with a friend over the phone a few weeks ago. I told her that I don’t feel well physically. It probably stemmed from lack of enough sleep. It’s not like cleaning the house the whole day. I felt tired not from the daily household chores, but from something else. Then my friend blurted, “Are you happy”? I know what she’s leading to. She’s referring to my personal life. I told her, “Yes, I’m happy”. If I told her I’m not happy, will she say I could be experiencing the physical manifestation of “unhappiness”?

I think being happy is just a state of mind. I feel fine knowing that none of my loved ones is sick and we still eat three to four times a day. But with more obligations coming up I think I’m going to feel sick again. So, if I’ll answer the question at this moment, I would say, “No”, but I’m fine.