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The best study pal yet

According to an article, one of the reasons that you need a dog in your life is that, it (pet dog) helps college kids get through finals week.

Finals Week sucks; just ask any stressed-out college student, or anyone who’s ever been one. Many schools, thankfully, have found a way to help: dogs. Programs that provide therapy dogs to campuses for overworked students to pet, play with, or just plain cuddle with, have proven successful in calming down students and (hopefully) improving their test scores

So, my baby girl needs a lot of bonding time with Oreo? What do you say, Naomi?

A pet for keeps

I’d love to have a Labrador pup in the future. This type of dog is ideal for house pet because they have good temperament and friendly with kids. We already have a dog, which I have featured here, here and here. He’s one big playful dog. But he gives joy to our family.

Oreo is a mixture of Aspin (Asong Pinoy) and New Zealand Huntaway.  He is more than one year old now, and we love to get him a buddy, so he won’t feel lonely when nobody is available to play and rub his tummy.

The picture above is courtesy of my classmate Flor. This was taken in Switzerland.