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The photog, the pilot and I

Traveling was one of the most memorable parts of my job that I cherish until now. I would always travel with a photographer and a pilot (our term for the company driver). We work as a team. I was assigned a different photographer in every assignment. But somehow I develop friendship with each of them because they don’t only care for their output, but they also show concern especially when we were assigned to go to a not-so safe place for a woman like me.

ver noveno images for blog post

My favorite photographer in People’s Tonight.

Our driver partner was also an efficient worker. He drives carefully no matter how far or how long the travel would take us to our place of destination. None of us (the photographer and me) entertain the thought of needing the assistance of a Texas truck accident lawyer because we felt so at ease with our pilot’s driving ability whatever the weather is. I really miss working with my team.

Photo credit: VerNovenoImages

He rose from the dead

I never met Mang Resty, a former photographer at PJI. He was there long before I came in. But I was lucky to have heard his uncanny story from the man himself.

Mang Resty had a reputation for always being late when reporting for assignments. But on a particular day, he was unbelievably early. Half an hour before he left for his assignment in Makati, he felt dizzy. The company nurse gave him medicine to alleviate his dizziness. The nurse followed procedures and took his blood pressure. The nurse heaved a sigh of relief as the blood pressure apparatus reading was normal, but when he tried to help Mang Resty get up, his legs suddenly felt woobly.

He let Mang Resty rest again, but he suddenly had seizure and his pulse went blank a few minutes later. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. But doctors still placed him at the ICU where they waited for another 24-hours.

After the critical period lapsed, doctors officially declared him dead. Word about Mang Resty’s untimely demise spread like wildfire.

But miracles do happen as 48 hours after he was wheeled into the hospital emergency room, Mang Resty woke up, sat on his bed and began talking to his wife as if nothing happened. He could not remember a thing of the 48 hours that he was detached from the real world (unlike those who experienced near-death encounters sa seen on movies or sony tvs).

His attending physician had told him that the abscene of any astral projection or paranormal experience could be the will of God.