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Feeding Your Picky-Eater

Feeding children requires a lot of patience and a good amount of creativity and artistic talents. Make sure to add a touch of color to every meal you prepare, especially for younger children who have a penchant for all things colorful. Add some strawberries to your tot’s breakfast cereals, or put a smiley on his pancakes. You can also throw in a couple of slices of carrots to your usual pot dishes to entice the little ones to try the food out.

Making eating time fun by is another crucial factor in feeding your little eaters. Buy plates and food bows in their favorite colors or get those that have his favorite cartoon character on them. Nothing whets a kid’s appetite better than seeing Mickey Mouse on his soup!

For bigger kids, you can get them to eat the food you prepare by getting them to help with the preparation of salads and sandwiches. I bet they will have a grand time savoring every bite knowing they are eating something they helped prepare themselves.

Limiting their snacks to nuts and fruits or a few pieces of cookies would also prove ideal, so as not to ruin their appetite come meal time.

Yummy: A choice between the real food and bad habit

mommy moments

The case of two picky eaters.
When my daughter was a baby she can practically survive for hours without taking any milk or solid food. She just loved to suck her thumb. She developed a corn (kalyo) on her right thumb because of the habit. She was so skinny then because she ate like a lizard (it’s a metaphor).  Her brother on other hand was the ‘buchoy’ or ‘kwatog’ in the family. He was chubby because he eats anything served to him.

Now, its the other way around Khalil is the picky eater while his sister has a good appetite. Look at how she eats spaghetti. Yummy!