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Life lesson from a plastic bag peddler

I was at the chicken section of the Manggahan Market last night and was haggling with the lady vendor when someone touch my right arm. Even before I could turn my head I knew it was another persistent seller of sando plastic bag. I’m preparing to drive him away when I saw this little boy who is about three and a half feet and wearing a ragged blue shirt and tattered black short. His right eye has some condition. I don’t know if it is a cataract, but his iris (the colored part of eye) is all white. His eyes were droopy making him look more piteous. I don’t really need another sando bag. I’m carrying three small ones for the stuff that I bought. Instead of getting the plastic bag, I just gave him P2. If I have a bigger amount in my pocket I would have given him more than that. His face lightened up when I said he can have the coins and his bag. He uttered thank you in a muffled voice and walk away.

~Disposable plastic bags takes thousands of years to degrade in landfill. I don’t feel less guilty in using one. I don’t even promote its use. So next time I won’t forget to bring my bayong (reusable plastic bag made of sturdy material) to my next visit to the market.~