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Fourteen years in service


You’re seeing a table right now. But it used to be Naomi and Khalil’s crib. See the picture below.

This piece of furniture was very much a part of my kids’ young life. This is where I laid them down from the moment they were discharged from the hospital until they figure out how to get out of the crib. This is where they take their nap in the morning and afternoon. And this is where they sleep soundly at night.
When they were a little older, the crib served as their playpen in our bedroom although there was a separate playpen in the living room.
Many of their pictures were taken inside the crib. Just thinking about those precious memories made it even harder for me to dispose the crib. I want to maximize its purpose so I commissioned a carpenter to convert it to a study table. Sometimes, I used it as rest for my laptop. Did you see the whitish mark on the side of the table? It’s dried spilled milk from their milk bottle.

How about you, what piece of furniture that you still keep and treasure after all this years? Share it with us at Nostaligia.